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One Store. Two Stores. Red Store. Blue Stores.

If you keep up with us on Facebook (which you should if you don’t), then you know that since Saturday, April 27th, we opened not one, not two, but FIVE more store locations. During those three months my fiancé and I also purchased a house and continued to plan our destination wedding. As you can imagine, […]


If you’ve never been to Canton First Monday Trade Days, then you are, without a doubt, missing out. This once-a-month, weekend shopping opportunity is the bread and butter of East Texas. It is made up of 6,000 vendors spread over 100 acres selling goods to over 100,000 customers, AND this past weekend Tailgating Gypsy became one of […]

How it Started: Leaps & Bounds… and NOT falling

The innocence of a child is a characteristic I envy. As children we dream of the future and fail to see any obstacles to get us there. We aspire to be the next president, a doctor that cures cancer, the Queen of England, the next Bill Gates, or even Batman. Money and education is not […]